Media Relations

AD Media excels at building positive relationships, establishing trust, and presenting an interesting story, knowledgeably, at the right time. It is what gets us media coverage on behalf of our clients.
“With an extensive network of media contacts, AD Media can open doors for you with the right media, quickly and effectively.” Daniel Apostol

Media Training

Any business depends on the right people using their own talents and skills in the right way to achieve success. We can spot the naturally talented communicators and turn them into tremendous additional assets to the organizations they work for.
We provide half-day and full-day media training sessions which will equip you to deal with both print and broadcast journalists.

Communication Strategy

It takes time to communicate your business consistently to your customers, staff and other key audiences through the media. AD Media can help you identify the opportunities of reaching your target audience, make the most of them and build a long-term strategy in line with your business objectives.
“This strategy can be designed for you to implement or for us to take forward, depending on your needs.” Daniel Apostol

Personal Brand Management

We build and maintain positive personal brands, as we know that a good reputation is person's most valuable asset. As companies you take good care of corporate or product brands, in the same way individuals should build and protect rock solid reputations.

Crisis PR - We Can Help

Whatever your crisis, AD Media can help you handle it safely: product recalls, factory closures, downsizing, senior staff dismissals, relocation, employee disputes, media investigations.